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Angora Rabbits first came into Lil Peck's life with the purchase of a doe as a pet for her daughter, in 1992. Shortly thereafter, Lil began entering ARBA shows in the open classes while her two children showed in youth classes. In the mid-90's, Lil wrote "The Angora Rabbit Online Technical Manual" and published it through the hosting service that America Online had at that time. In 1999 she moved it to its own domain, Lil served as a board member of the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club, and as an officer in the Mid America Angora Club. She was NARBC's first webmaster. In 2000 Lil became less active in the rabbit fancy, and in 2004, she gave her rabbits to a friend, longtime Angora breeder Cheri Olsen. Lil continued to maintain as a resource for Angora Rabbit owners. Then in October 2012, Lil reentered the rabbit fancy, coming home from the American Rabbit Breeders Association convention that fall with a trio of English Angoras. Lil and her daughter, Georgia Schafer, enter most of the rabbits shows in Kansas, and frequently go to shows in Missouri, too. They have gotten championships on several English Angoras, and in 2016, Lil had the Best of Breed winning English Angora of the national Angora specialty show.
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