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Review of Chona G. Series II Handmade Shear

You may find yourself going through a small fortune in scissors used for shearing Angora Rabbits. Sewing scissors just don’t hold their sharpness very well after being used on even a single rabbit. I purchased a pair of Chona G. Series II Handmade Shear for Pets, and I like them so much that I am recommending them to other Angora Rabbit owners. I have sheared several rabbits with them so far, and they have retained their razor sharpness.

Important features to look for, when selecting scissors/shears for shearing Angora Rabbits:

  • Blades 2 to 4 inches in length.
  • Tips should be straight and pointed.
  • Mico-serration of edges.
  • High quality stainless steel with Rockwell harness of 58 or higher.

You don’t want long blades, because they will be harder to control, they may cut fur you were not intending to include in a cut, and the extra weight and leverage will increase your hand fatigue.

You want the blades to be flat and thin, to push easily through the thick Angora fur. The tips should be pointed, to facilitate pushing through the wool.

Micro-serrated edges may improve cutting efficiency of the fine, slippery Angora fiber.

NOTE: I corrected the recommended blade length, after first publishing, changing “4 to 6 inches” to “2 to 4 inches.” The entire length of the shears may be only 5 to 6 inches, from tips of the blades to the end of the handles.

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