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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Once upon a time in a quaint countryside, there were two Angora rabbits named Cotton and Fluff. Their soft, silky wool matched the purity of their love. As Valentine’s Day approached, Cotton decided to plan a special surprise for Fluff.

Underneath the moonlit sky, Cotton transformed their burrow into a cozy haven adorned with heart-shaped clover and fragrant wildflowers. As Fluff entered, she was greeted by the soft glow of firefly lanterns and the sweet scent of daisies.

Cotton, with a twinkle in his eyes, presented Fluff with a bouquet of wildflowers, each bloom representing a cherished moment they had shared. Together, they nibbled on heart-shaped willow treats, sharing stories of their adventures in the meadow.

The couple hopped paw in paw to a clearing where the moon illuminated the night. Cotton whispered Sweet nothings as they nestled in a bed of clover. Cotton confessed his love, “Fluff, you’re the warmth in my wool, the sparkle in my eyes, and every hop with you feels like a dance through a field of dreams.”

Fluff blushed, her ears and tail twitching with joy, “Cotton, you’re the floof to my heart, and every cuddle with you is like being wrapped in a blanket of happiness.”

As they exchanged heartfelt vows, the stars above seemed to twinkle brighter, echoing the symphony of their love. The meadow whispered tales of their devotion, and the night embraced them in a tender, wooly embrace, sealing their love on this enchanting Valentine’s Day.

Breed those Bunnies! February is still not too late to breed for the National ARBA Convention. Plus.. who doesn’t want a hot date on Valentine’s Day? 😃🐰🐰

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