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Using the EZtatt Electric Pen for Rabbit Ear Tattoos

The EZtatt Pet Tattoo electric pen is affordable and easy to use. I did find the instructions that came with it to be a bit less than clear at first. This article is written for the purpose of clearing up some confusion for other EZtatt customers like myself.


The tattoo pen comes ready to use. I did not realize that and expected to have to do some assembly. Therefore, I wasted some time trying to figure out where to stick the needle and wondering why it wasn’t working correctly. As I always say, it is a good thing it was not an IQ test, because I would have failed. Eventually I realized that “duh,” there was already a needle in the shaft, there were batteries in the motor, and the pen was ready to use.


A little bottle of India ink and a inkwell comes with the kit. The inkwell has four ink receptacles in it. You are supposed to turn on the pen and then stick the needle into the ink.


For practice, the instructions recommend using a banana. I enjoyed using the pen so much that I covered the banana with tattoos. The instructions recommend using Preparation H ointment to seal the tattoo and promote healing, but I see no reason why one could not use vaseline, as done with the clamp tattoos.


Click on images to view larger size:

Left: the motor housing. Top center: a needle with rubber base. Top right: the barrel that needle fits into. Bottom right: the cowling that houses needle assembly.

Closeup of the needle and its rubber holder.

Tweezers or needle nosed pliers are needed to remove needle from drive shaft, because of the snug fit. Grasp by the rubber, not the needle.

Closeup of the drive shafter that protrudes from the motor.

Closeup of the needle after it is pushed onto the drive shaft.

Threading barrel over the needle. The instructions say to leave the barrel inside the cowling and then to push the needle through the barrel, but I found it easier to place the barrel over the needle, then push the barrel into the cowling.

Here is the barrel inside the cowling, and the needle mounted on the drive shaft.

Fully assembled EZtatt. You can see the needle barely protruding from the barrel. The barrel can be adjusted to expose more or less needle.

And so begins my new career as a tattoo artist! (Just kidding!)


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