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The MAAC June Specialties

Blaine MaierMargaret Bartold got us all rounded up and organized for two Mid America Angora Club specialty shows on Friday night, June 13, in Wichita, Kansas. Exhibitors included Margaret, Penny & Greg Osborne, Tarah Nyberg, Stephanie Steelman, Kelly Flading, Bailey Hiersche, and Lil Peck & Georgia Schafer. All entries were English Angoras except for Bailey’s French Angora. (All show results listed below are subject to change in case of errors.)

Vic Vogts judged show A, and selected Kelly’s senior white doe as BISS. For BOS, he selected one of Lil’s black junior bucks.

Show B was judged by Blaine Maier, who chose one of Lil’s senior white does to be BISS.

On Saturday, the Angoras in show A of the Sunflower Rabbit Breeders Association were judged by John Grimm, who picked Lil’s other white senior doe for BOB. For BOS, he selected another one of Lil’s black junior bucks.

William Bryan, who judged show B, picked Kelly’s senior white doe as BOB. He gave BOS to Lil’s chestnut junior buck.

We tried to get a photo of Kelly’s doe, but she was too lively and playful to pose for a good picture. This photo is of Lil & Georgia’s doe, “Moirai Peugeot.”

Moirai Peugeot

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