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Book: Simple Knitting Patterns Designed for Handspun Angora Yarn

Review of “Simple Knitting Patterns Designed for Handspun Angora Yarn” I can crochet a little, but I have yet to learn how to knit. That is on my ever-lengthening bucket list, and so what really got my attention about this new book by Candy Haenzel, was “SIMPLE” in the title! The patterns may be simple, but the garments shown in the book’s photos are beautiful. The twelve¬†patterns include two for baby booties,¬†five scarves, three hats, […]

Making a Simple Hand (Drop) Spindle for Spinning Angora Rabbit Wool

Although this information is easily available, I still see lots of questions about how to make a hand spindle for spinning Angora rabbit fiber. It seems to me that the answers given to the questions, whether on forums or social media, are often unnecessarily complicated. I have even made a spindle from an ink pen while at a rabbit show, which shows how simple it can be.