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Book: Simple Knitting Patterns Designed for Handspun Angora Yarn

Review of “Simple Knitting Patterns Designed for Handspun Angora Yarn” I can crochet a little, but I have yet to learn how to knit. That is on my ever-lengthening bucket list, and so what really got my attention about this new book by Candy Haenzel, was “SIMPLE” in the title! The patterns may be simple, […]

Making a Simple Hand (Drop) Spindle for Spinning Angora Rabbit Wool

Although this information is easily available, I still see lots of questions about how to make a hand spindle for spinning Angora rabbit fiber. It seems to me that the answers given to the questions, whether on forums or social media, are often unnecessarily complicated. I have even made a spindle from an ink pen while at a rabbit show, which shows how simple it can be.