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Micron testing coordinated by Colleen Boyd

Micron Testing:
Please start collecting your samples, remember you can send them to me at any time and I will include them in the next round of samples.


This will be an ongoing project so please keep sending me your samples. You don’t have to wait for a deadline, when they arrive in the mail I will just include them with the next group being sent out. My goal is at least 100 samples for the different breeds, so we have a great cross section of fiber to sample. Recently, someone ask if I could also provide information based on region of the county breeders live in. This will not be a problem is someone would like to come up with the regions. If there is any other way breeder would like to have this date please just ask and I’ll see what I can do.

Once again here is what I need: (please do not put your numbering system on the zip lock bag)
1 inch square sample of fiber from the blanket of the rabbit (one inch is the head of most clipper in each direction). Harvest fiber off the blanket of the rabbit. Place fiber in a zip lock bag and include the following on an index card.

  1. Your Name
  2. Your e-mail address
  3. Rabbity Name
  4. Your State/ County
  5. Breed of Rabbit ( if you are sending in a sample from a hybrid pleases give me the information on the two main breeds)
  6. Name of Rabbit or Ear Number
  7. Sex of Rabbit
  8. Color of Rabbit (if it is white fiber for a BEW please state that information)
  9. Junior or Senior Coat (junior coat meaning the first shearing)

You may send in a second sample from the same rabbit but please give me the original Breed ID number I sent you.

Sample cost will need to be determined; at this time I need to call the testing facility to see if the cost have increased.

Send the samples to: Colleen Boyd. Contact for mailing address:

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