A couple of years ago, I disabled the forum of this website, because Facebook had killed most independent website forums, and as a consequence, this site's forum had very little activity. I have decided to reactive it, to see if there are other people who have "social media burnout" to the same degree that I do, who will prefer a traditional forum. You'll find the forum here: Forum for site members. I made most of the topics visible only to registered, logged-in members.

I have over 13 years total of experience with owning Angora Rabbits, which includes some Best in Show wins, and winning Best of Breed at the national Angora specialty show. I'm not going to share any of my own knowledge on Facebook anymore. If someone is interested in my approach to an Angora Rabbit care, grooming, or breeding issue, they'll have to post their question on the forum here. There are a lot of things I don't like about Facebook, so I am cutting my use of it down to the absolute bare minimum. Folks can go ask people on Facebook, when they have an Angora Rabbit question, or they can come here and ask this breeder, who actually has a lot of experience, knowledge, and success. smile gif

I have a couple of new litters of English Angora kits. It is fun to have babies again. One litter is out of BISS winner, home-bred champion, Moirai Raquel.
Moirai Raquel

I waited a year after her last show to breed Raquel, so that makes it all the more exciting to have a litter from her now.

Sometime this fall, I will be breeding national Angora specialty show Best of Breed winner, Moirai Spellbinder. Her sire, champion and BISS winner Moirai Wicket, is a full brother to Raquel.

Moirai Spellbinder

I have this to say about winning with Angora Rabbits at the national level: ANYONE CAN DO IT! It does take a lot of work and dedication, but anyone who makes that commitment will stand an excellent chance of winning.

cdawson41 on August 16 2016

I am so happy you decided to open this up again. I'm new to Angoras but so in love with them and I have questions and things I need/would like clarification on. I'm much happier knowing I'm going directly too someone who really knows the breed that can answer my questions, share in my excitement as I grow in knowledge and beautiful Angoras. Thanks so much for doing this. Running a board like this is a lot of work and time consuming so I just wanted to express my sincerest thank you for doing this for me/us!

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