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Welcome - Angora Rabbit breeders discuss breeding, grooming, showing, and caring for Angora Rabbits
for show, and fiber production.

Read Margaret's "Angora Rabbit Guidebook." English Angora, Satin Angora, French Angora, Giant Angora Read Lil's "Angora Rabbit Online Technical Manual."
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Metro Air Force variable speed blowerA Metro Air Force 4 hp variable speed blower is being raffled as a fund raiser by a Fuzzy Lop Club ...
Colleen BodyColleen Boyd will be giving two Angora rabbit fiber workshops at the Michigan Fiber Festival in August ...
Lil's Blog
We are trying something new, using the Facebook comments plugin as a way for Angora Rabbit owners to ask questions ...
Mid America Angora Club
Update from Margaret Bartold regarding the NARBC national specialty show in Amana, IA ...
this is how you spin, kidsWe had a show yesterday. We knew there was the major winter storm moving in, but the forecast predicted it wouldn't really deep into the area until late afternoon. Just the same, there was icing on my windshield as I made the two hour drive over. I was betting that the show manager, Clarence Lindsey, would be true to his reputation, and get us all out of there at record speed ...
Lil's Blog
A rabbit should not be called a "Grand Champion" unless all of the necessary requirements have been filled. To call a rabbit a Grand Champion when the steps have not been completed is to cheapen the award ...
Louise Walsh, creator of the rabbit breed Giant Angora, was featured in the February 14, 2014 National Geographic World's Weirdest episode, "Funny Farms" ...
Despite the rigorous process that the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) requires of applicants before they are allowed to become licensed rabbit show judges, we find a surprisingly broad range of opinions from different judges about the same rabbits ...
Lil's Blog
No sick rabbitsDon't bring sick rabbits to a rabbit show! Don't even keep sick rabbits around! Facts you need to know ...
Mid America Angora Club
Each of these Mid America Angora Club specialty shows will be held in conjunction with double all-breed shows ...
Lil's Blog
ARBA registration certificateI have tattooed my Convention prospects, and have gotten several rabbits registered ...
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