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Articles: Angora Rabbit Online Technical Manual

1. Introduction

Breeding, kindling, feeding, grooming, and showing are technical challenges with Angora Rabbits, due to their unique and beautiful wool coats. This web site is dedicated to your success and happiness with Angora Rabbit ownership...

2. Breeding Angora Rabbits

I do not approve of breeding rabbits which are not quality purebreds. I do not approve of breeding rabbits when it is not done for a clearly defined purpose, as part of a planned breeding program. To breed any kind of animal on a casual whim..

3. Palpation of the Bred Doe

How do you tell if the doe is pregnant? The most reliable way is to palpate her abdomen. This techique is difficult to learn for someone who does not frequently breed a lot of rabbits, because it takes practice. When it was been 10 days to two weeks past the breeding date...

4. Prepare for When the Doe Kindles

The Angora mother should have been clipped (scissored) or plucked before breeding. A week before she is due to kindle (usually 30-32 days after breeding), clip the wool on her belly short, to about one half to one inch long...

5. Care of Newborn Angora Rabbit Kits

After the doe kindles, I will prepare a small cardboard box with hay and wool. I put the newborn kits into this box, and I keep the kits in my chest of drawers in the house. This way, the mother cannot stomp or smother the babies...

6. Feeding Angora Rabbits

We feed each rabbit, whether buck or doe, Manna Pro Rabbit Family Ration. There are many good feeds, and this quality brand is affordable and easy for us to get. If we could afford it, we would be feeding Manna Pro Classic to the entire herd, because it contains yucca schigidera for ammonia control...

7. Wool Block and Finicky Eaters

Does the rabbit have wool block? Angora rabbits ingest wool fibers from grooming themselves. The wool may ball up in the stomach, mixing with undigested food, and the rabbit will feel full and not eat. Eventually, the rabbit may die...

8. Wool and Fur Mites of the Angora Rabbit

If you have Angoras, chances are that you will have a wool mite problem sooner or later. If the rabbit’s skin becomes red, irritated and flaky, or if the rabbit simply appears to have a bad case of dandruff, wool mites may be the cause...

9. Grooming Angora Rabbits

To the Angora-holic, grooming the rabbits is fun, relaxing, and enjoyable. It is a form of creative expression. With most other breeds, there isn't very much beyond basic care that one can do to optimize a rabbit's winning potential. With Angoras having so many points on the coat, the care of the coat is vital for the rabbit to look its best...

10. Wool Chewing

It is most frustrating to the exhibitor to find that a rabbit with a beautiful show coat has decided to chew on the coat. Usually, the rabbit limits its chewing to the area around the shoulders, but in some cases, the rabbit carefully clips off the outer tips of the entire coat...

11. Are Angora Rabbits Good Pets For Kids?

The fact is that the parents of the kids become the breeders of tomorrow. There are almost invariably TWO scenarios of kids with Angora Rabbits...

12. Are Angora Rabbits Good House Pets?

Can you stand major, bigtime, constant shedding unlike anything you've seen before...

13. Showing Angora Rabbits

An overview of how to show an Angora rabbit, and how a rabbit becomes an ARBA Grand Champion.

14. Answers to 'Stupid' Questions ;)

Lil's skewed sense of humor sometimes gets her into trouble. But, if you're wondering if Angora Rabbits are killed for their wool, how many it takes to make a sweater, and if you can make money with Angora Rabbits...

15. Harsh Reality: Things That Kill Rabbits

WARNING: This section may disturb sensitive readers.

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