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Doe in fundraiser, and a BIS win

I have donated this young English Angora doe to a teenager’s medical fundraiser.

If you are looking for a doe to improve your wool density, perhaps this black, soon to be 6 months old, doe would be helpful. She also has cobby body type and good shoulders and hocks. (Winning bid was $850.)

There are other items being auctioned in the fundraiser also.

Best in Show recipient, Moirai Muri
Moirai Muri
Judge Mark Jacobs selected our tortoiseshell senior colored doe, Muri, for Best in Show of show A in Montgomery City, Missouri, on May 16, 2015. Muri is one of five littermates who are Best of Breed winners. Her sister Holly, owned by Karen Mezyk, is a 4 class winner.

About 8 months old on the day of the show, Muri reached a peak, and was fortunate to draw judges who appreciate English Angoras. We plan to show her at the two Mid America Angora Club specialties and the two all-breed shows coming up in Wichita, Kansas, in June, and then will retire her afterwards.


I also want to show off Zenyatta, who has been at a disadvantage at the shows this spring, because she is in the same classes with Muri. Nonetheless, she does have a Best of Breed win.


My standout buck at shows this spring has been Grand Champion and Best of Breed winner Moirai Wicket. When Wicket was only two weeks old, I knew he will be my next herd sire, because of his exceptional wool density, silky texture, and wool crimp.

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