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My activities with my Moirai Rabbitry.

Taking stock, refining, then moving forward

We’ve had some cold weather here in northeastern Kansas, although nothing like that some of you who live further north have had to deal with this fall! I have been taking advantage of warmer weather we have had over the past couple of days to get some more work done outdoors. Today, I put up some foam core panels to enclose a lean-to shed rabbitry area. I am very pleased with how well that addition […]

Pregnancy toxemia in does

\'ArcticI lost a doe to pregnancy toxemia for the first time, a few weeks ago. My beautiful \”Arctic Tracks,\” a multiple Best of Breed winner, had to be euthanized after it became clear that she was not going to survive. It isn\’t unusual for a pregnant English Angora to have a brief period where they eat a bit less, in the 2-3 week period after breeding. I was not concerned the first day. But by the second day, I knew something was amiss …

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