ARBA eSOP Standard of Perfection

Every rabbit breeder should have a copy of the American Rabbit Breeders Association’s “Standard of Perfection.” The “SOP” is updated every five years, as breeders are always refining and improving their breed standards as well as their rabbit herds. The eSOP is ARBA’s electronic version of its Standard of Perfection. It is searchable, and readers can add their own notes and photos to it. There is also the option to back up one’s notes to […]

MAAC Specialty, April 2017

It really isn’t a secret that the real reason we enjoy rabbit shows is that we have fun getting together with our friends. The annual Mid America Angora Club specialty show in Sedalia, Missouri, gives us lots of time to spend together. In addition to sitting around and chatting while we groomed our rabbits, we also went to an amazing all-you-can-eat buffet, “Charlie’s,” which is kind of “out in the boonies,” but well worth the drive. […]

Book: Simple Knitting Patterns Designed for Handspun Angora Yarn

Review of “Simple Knitting Patterns Designed for Handspun Angora Yarn” I can crochet a little, but I have yet to learn how to knit. That is on my ever-lengthening bucket list, and so what really got my attention about this new book by Candy Haenzel, was “SIMPLE” in the title! The patterns may be simple, but the garments shown in the book’s photos are beautiful. The twelve patterns include two for baby booties, five scarves, three hats, […]

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