17. Body type of the English Angora

These photos show how a good English Angora’s body is shaped, under the wool coat. Every Angora breeder should have a copy of the ARBA Standard of Perfection. Order copies here.

The red circle is to illustrate from the Standard of Perfection, “Top line should rise from behind the ears to a high point over the hips, then round down to the base of the tail.”
This doe is Moirai Missy, who was Best of Variety from the junior class at the NARBC national show in 2014. She is not perfect; there is always room for improvement. (The color mottling is due to growth phases of the fur.)
This rear view shows how well Missy’s hocks support her rear. It can be difficult to get a correct set of hocks on an English Angora, whle also getting a good, dense coat.
A nice set of nearly parallel hocks.
This photo was taken of Missy before shearing her wool. The proverbial, “round ball of fluff!”

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