11. Are Angora Rabbits Good Pets For Kids?

Look, I am going to be brutally honest here. If I hear any more about how the fancy depends upon kids to become “the breeders of tomorrow,” I’m gonna upchuck. The fact is that the parents of the kids become the breeders of tomorrow. There are almost invariably TWO scenarios of kids with Angora Rabbits:

The rabbits are much more work than a child can handle. The rabbits end up horribly neglected.


Mom is the one who does the care and grooming, and Mom shows in Junior’s name at the youth rabbit shows. Yep, a grown woman competing against little children. Anyone recognize herself, or are you still in denial?


[Edited To Add] After attending the 2012 ARBA convention in Wichita Kansas, I have to somewhat modify my stance regarding child ownership of Angora Rabbits. I saw some kids show in Youth classes there who were very responsible. In the Open classes, the young woman who won Best of Breed Giant Angora had just the year before been in the Youth classes.

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