French Angora Rabbit

English Angora Rabbit
English Angora

French Angora Rabbit
French Angora rabbit
Giant Angora Rabbit
Giant Angora

Satin Angora Rabbit
Satin Angora rabbit

French Angora rabbit bred by Charlotte Schweikart
French Angora rabbit (sable color) bred by Charlotte Schweikart. This rabbit was Best of Breed French Angora at the 2012 ARBA convention.


Bucks and does: 7 1/2 – 10 1/2 lbs. Ideal weight is 8 1/2 lbs.


Commercial body type. More guard hair in the wool gives a more intense coloration. White and Colored (which includes Broken for this breed). It is valued for its fiber qualities, which are excellent for handspinning. Its wool spins easily, and fluffs out nicely in the yarn. This is the easy-care Angora, requiring less grooming. “Normal fur” on the face, ears, and paws. This is usually a good breed for novices and youth. It usually has a friendly, outgoing and alert personality. It makes an elegant show rabbit, and is a popular Angora breed for show purposes.


Minimum cage size for a single rabbit should be no less than 24 inches wide by 30 inches long by 18 inches high. The larger the cage, the better. An optimum cage size might be 30 X 30 X 18 high, or 24 X 36 X 18 high.


A mature French Angora may require from 1 cup to 2 cups of pelleted rabbit food daily. Monitor each rabbit and adjust food amount according to its condition.


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