7. House Training Rabbits

Some of you may want to house train your bunny. This is not a difficult process, but it is time consuming.

Step 1:

Place your new rabbit in the cage and do not disturb or handle for about 24 hours. Observe which corner the rabbit uses to urinate in. Once the rabbit has scented out one spot to use as its toilet it will always return to the same spot.

Step 2:

Put your litter box over the selected corner. Once you determine the rabbit is using the box you may start handling the rabbit. Start by removing your bunny for 10 to 15 minutes several times a day.

Step 3:

You may now leave the rabbit out of its cage for longer periods of time, but watch carefully and return it to the cage if it shows signs of lifting its tail to urinate. If you catch it urinating outside of its cage you can spray it with a water bottle and return it to the cage. By the end of the third week you should be able to leave the door of the cage open so it may enter to use the litter box.

Step 4:

If you catch the rabbit using a rug, etc. for the litter box, spray the spot with apple bitters and it will not return. NEVER hit your rabbit for urinating on the floor, this will only make it mean and aggressive.

Step 5:

Rabbits love to chew on things. They will chew lamp cords, chair legs, carpets, etc. I would suggest you rub tobasco sauce on the cords and if you start to see it chew on the cord use your water bottle and spray it.

Step 6:

When you leave home, NEVER leave your bunny out. Always put it in the cage.

Step 7:

Your bunny may leave some droppings here and there, however, a whisk broom and dust pan will take care of this. Do not leave the droppings on the floor, as this will only encourage your bunny to use this area for its new toilet.

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