5. Grooming Angora Rabbits

Your grooming supplies need to consist of at least a soft slicker brush and flea comb or regular hair comb.

You should groom your rabbit at least once a week. I suggest you use a soft slicker brush as it will not pull out large amount of wool that a harder slicker brush will. You need to make sure you groom the belly side as well as the top. I find it easiest to hold the bunny like a baby to groom the belly and hind legs. I then place its ears between my knees to groom the face, (which I use a flea comb on the cheeks) chest, and front legs. To groom the top side of the rabbit I just sit it on my lap and start at the side and work to the top.

If you have several rabbits you may want to invest in a pet blower, however, they are not cheap! Before I purchased my pet blower I used the exhaust on my wet/dry vac to blow the loose wool from the rabbit before I brushed it. If you don�t have a wet/dry vac, you may want to use a hair dryer. Be sure not to use a heat hair dryer as it will dry the rabbits skin and cause dander.

I find most people who only have one or two rabbits usually just brush their rabbit and don’t do any blowing and that is fine too, however you will find the rabbits wool will be less dense.

You will find that your rabbit will shed its coat anywhere from 7 to 12 months. Your first indication of them shedding their coat will be when you are grooming large amounts of wool will brush out. At that time you will need to either clip or pluck the wool from the rabbit. Clipping (cutting the wool) is the fastest way to remove the wool from the rabbit. Plucking can take several days before the rabbit is completely done.

If you have an angora for a house pet, I suggest you constantly keep the wool clipped to a shorter length. You will have less wool to clean-up around the house and your grooming time will be minimal. I have several people who have angoras as house pets because they love their gentle nature, they keep them clipped with a ‘poodle’ cut!

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