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Articles: Margaret's Angora Rabbit Guidebook

1. The History of the Angora Rabbit

There is much controversy regarding the story of the Angora rabbit, however according to generally accepted theory, angoras date back to the early 18th century, around 1723. As the story goes, there were some sightseeing sailors who pulled into a Turkish port called Angora, now known as Ankara . It was in this town where they saw native women wearing very beautiful shawls that were like no other that they had seen. The fineness and silkiness...

2. Housing Your Angora Rabbit

When starting with Angoras, the first thing for the beginner to decide is approximately how many angoras one wishes to raise.  Are you going to have one or two angoras for pets?  Do you plan on doing any breeding?  How many does do you plan to breed in a year?  What is the maximum number of angoras the space you have...

3. Feeding Angora Rabbits

I use Heinhold Wool Formula with my rabbits, however, other feeds may be used. I feed a 3/4 cup of feed per day. I also feed alfalfa or hay daily to help break down wool that has been ingested so they don't get wool block. One of the things I have also found useful...

4. Treating Wool Block, and Treating Enteritis

Angora rabbits can die from woolblock. Where cats and dogs can vomit when they have a hairball rabbits cannot. The best way to treat woolblock is prevention. Grooming the rabbit frequently and providing a proper diet is well worth it in the long run. If you do have problems with woolblock...

6. Exercise for Angora Rabbits
Everyone should have some exercise including your rabbit. Allowing your rabbit to run and have fun either outdoors (if the weather permits) preferably in a fenced area is very beneficial to your rabbit. I have a deck that my rabbits get to take turns using or I put a play pen up in the barn for them to spend the day in.

5. Grooming Angora Rabbits

You should groom your rabbit at least once a week. I suggest you use a soft slicker brush as it will not pull out large amount of wool that a harder slicker brush will. You need to make sure you groom the belly side as well as the top. I find it easiest to hold the bunny like a baby to groom the bell...

7. House Training Rabbits

Some of you may want to house train your bunny. This is not a difficult process, but it is time consuming...

8. For More Information
Should you have any further questions regarding raising your angora rabbit, please feel free to contact me either by mail or phone. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have...
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